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    0.0% Broker

    500+ FTE under permanent employment

    0.0% Broker

    The IT Brouwerij represents a network of affiliated partners: specialized organizations that employ professionals under permanent employment contracts (500+ FTE). Our position as a broker-free extension of our customers organization results in a number of benefits:

    The difference

    The essential difference between a broker and the IT Brouwerij is that our customers are only introduced to professionals who fully meet the required profile and are motivated to get the job done. In addition we select candidates based on feasibility of a healthy work/life balance and manage this throughout the placement. This ensures we can guarantee continuity for our customers.

    We distinguish ourselves from the competition and brokers through the combined delivery of quality in a scalable single source solution. We only introduce and deliver IT resources who meet the placement request profile, are motivated to excel and will be able to perform their tasks within a healthy work/life balance.

    Specialized environments – professionals seek to work with small scale specialized organizations and tend to avoid Brokers and large consultancy firms. This applies to Proficient and Expert engineers in particular. Specialized organizations offer an environment that nurtures the professionals personal needs and knowledge development. A specialized environment has the added benefit of placing the professional in a peer network in which they are challenged to excel and have access to reflection on their own performance and development in a growth oriented setting. The IT Brouwerij and her specialized partners provide these specialized environments for our professionals.