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    Fresh from the tap!

    Selected with care and attention

    Our blends

    The IT Brouwerij brings it all together: the best ingredients (our own IT engineers) who are willing and able to strengthen your team. Our IT engineers are selected with the utmost care and attention to detail. Equipped with years of experience. Ready to do what they do best: deliver excellence for our customers.

    Working with the IT Brouwerij

    IT Brouwerij and her network of specialized partners have a constant focus on the latest insights, technologies, methods and best practices. Our unique collaboration within a specialized partner network is the key factor in successful delivery of Proficient and Expert professionals in areas of cutting edge IT Products and Technologies. We operate based on deference for expertise. Our engineers are highly motivated professionals who thrive on the exploration and application of new IT products and technologies.

    We invest heavily in hands-on workshops as these provide proof of concept on theoretical knowledge and application of technology. Working through technology applications in a controlled practice environment also has the added benefit of peer networking whereby engineers learn from each other as they develop.

    Delivering Proficient and Expert engineers – delivery of Proficient and Expert engineers is our core business. We seek to position our organization and partner network as front runners in our individual strategic focus areas. This ties in perfectly with our formula to deliver scalable specialism through a partner collaboration. Furthering specialism through clear IT product and technology focus areas results in delivery of value to our customers. It also enhances our ability to provide an environment that suits Proficient and Expert engineers with an Agile Mindset and a T-shaped profile.